The secret meaning of Resident Evil

Resident Evil's secret philosophy

The wonderful thing about subjectivity is that you never know what you will get out of anything. The ways we perceive media, for instance, are largely influenced by hidden mechanisms within our cognitive functioning. Different people can spontaneously come out with different understandings of the same subject, offering us fascinating insights into the minds of one another.

The scary thing about subjectivity is that not all interpretations are necessarily valid.

For all the buzz surrounding the Resident Evil series these past sixteen years, few people have yet to grasp the true meaning behind each successive instalment. Many claim them to be simple experiments in videogame horror and action; others instinctively chastise what they see as bad design and misguided focus. While these assessments come close, they fundamentally fail to realise that Resident Evil is actually an allegory for the discussion on human nature in 19th century German philosophy. Continue reading