Your Cybernetic Arm Is Useless Against This Sort Of Spooky Alien Ghost

Your Cybernetic Arm Is Useless Against This Sort Of Spooky Alien Ghost

A sci-fi horror first-person perspective game. Entirely free to download and play.

W, A, S, D to move.
Mouse to look.
Space to jump.
Left click to open doors.

Headphones recommended.

Click here to download

This was my end of year project for a game development course ran by Pulse College, Dublin. As the deadline approached, the team I was on disintegrated like wet tissue, so I adapted this level I had built the preceding week into this atmospheric alley-wandering game over the course of a weekend. One of the parameters was that the game be of a sci-fi setting, hence the name.

At first there were a few things that needed fixing, such as improving the lighting and raising the music volume. I hope this updated version corrects those faults, but truthfully my laptop won’t run the game so I can’t test it to find out. There may be a few bugs left over so please forgive me them. Unless you like them, in which case they are definitely intentional.

Please be sure to leave a comment below with your opinions and criticisms of the game.