My Work Elsewhere

Here you can find a neat archive of all my externally published work to date. Hover over some of the links for a quick summary.



On the much hated and woefully overlooked Codec radio – Killscreen

Man and Machine – issue #14, Five out of Ten

Skill, Wit and Magic – issue #14, Five out of Ten

Irish Travellers and American Blindspots – Unite Youth Dublin


Kotaku’s Policy on Patreon Support – Unite Youth Dublin

Give Sorrow Words – issue #4, The Arcade Review

Out of Focus: Dismantling Detective Mode – Paste Magazine

Fixing The Castle Doctrine’s Self-Defense Parable – Gameranx


The Lost Art of Conversation – Gameranx

The Atrophying Design of BioShock Infinite – Gameranx

Normalizing Violence in Grand Theft Auto 5 – Huffington Post

Why Target Demographics Don’t Absolve GTA 5 From Being Morally Dubious – Gameranx

Misplacing Value – Gameranx

Poor Community Spirit – ReAction Zine

The Sporting Game of Gaming Blogs – Unwinnable

Why We Can’t Have Male Leads in Games – Gameranx

Hordes of Flesh-Eating Narratologists – Gameranx

Subject to Debate – Gameranx

BioShock Infinite: Elizabeth, on The Back – Gameranx

The Mog Who Sold The World – Gameranx

The Best Characters in Video Games (A Poem) – Gameranx

Tyranny of the Male Gaze – Gameranx

BioShock 2: Confused, Confused is Babylon – Gameranx

Interviews with the Irish Gaming Industry: Brighthead, Bitsmith and Pulse College – Gameranx

The Mystery and Fraud of Tropes vs Men in Videogames – Gameranx

Another study that gaming has a sexist problem – Destructoid

Combating hidden sexism with Objectify a Man Day – Destructoid


Goodbye, Cruel Will: Determinism in Videogames – Destructoid

The Good, the Bad, and the Moral – Popmatters

Why Women in Games Initiatives are not problems at all– Destructoid

Interview: Anita Sarkeesian, games and Tropes vs. Women – Destructoid

Ireland’s influence in videogames – Destructoid

How Yorda’s uselessness ruins agency in Ico – Destructoid


Save our Dark Souls – Destructoid

A lovely look at videogames through Persona 4 – Destructoid

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