More Irish People

More Irish People

Below is a collection of other videogame writers, journalists, developers, critics, editors, video people, podcasters, panellists, and so on, who come from or are situated in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Beneath that are further links to relevant resources and articles which you might helpful or interesting.

This list is far from complete so I need your help to fill it out. If you know of someone or something I should include here, please leave a comment below with a link to their stuff. Especially if that person is yourself. Alternatively, you can contact me on Twitter @stbeirne to let me know who or what I’m missing. And if you’re here but don’t want to be, please just contact me and let me know.



Alan Williamson – Five out of Ten Magazine / @AGBear

Alex D. Jones – Endless Campaign / @AlexDJones

Corey Milne – / @Corey_Milne

Danny O’Dwyer – GameSpottumblr@dannyodwyer

Eve Golden Woods – Medium / tumblr / @EveGoldenWoods


Charlene Putney – Larian Studios / / @AlphaChar

Colm Larkin – Gambrinous / @gambrinous

Dave McCabe – Davetheallthing@davetheallthing

Devin Doyle – Larian Studios / / @Devinho

DreamFeeel –

Jess Hyland – / @floofyscorp

John O’Kane – Snozbot Games / @johnokane

Kieron Kelly – Larian Studios / @Kurnster

Owen LL Harris – / @TheAllThing

Pawel Jawor – Larian Studios@Dzawor

Peter Keenan – / @Shoehedd_art

Terry Cavanagh – / @terrycavanagh

seriousgamesirl – @seriousgamesirl

Stephen Murphy – Harmony Zone /

Stephen Rooney – Larian Studios / @nuckpang

Resources and items of interest

General Interest

The Arcade

General Industry

Dublin Unity User Group

Game Jobs Ireland

Irish Game Makers Association

IrishGameDev (Facebook group)

#IrishGameDev (Twitter tag)

Irish Games Association

Irish Gaming Wiki

Conventions, conferences and Get-Togethers


Dublin GameCraft

Dublin Zine Fair


Games Fleach

Games Ireland

Inis Spraoi

State of Play

More Irish People

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  1. angela, great poem!I am guest editing an issueof another online journalI’d like you to submitemail me for details(sorry I lost yr email adr@tss)

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